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45% super kid mohair  55%polyamidi




Scarf for both women&men

With Ankara silhoutte on it

Souvenir from Ankara


content: %45 super-kid mohair; %55 polyamid Anatolia Collection: Collection from the homeland of Mohair: Anatolia Magic of Mohair:For centuries mohair has been known as the "diamond fiber" for its lustre, warmth and strength. It used to be the prized rezerve of sultans, that is why it is regarded as "sultans of all fibers"..Luxurious Gift Collection of exclusively designed accessories made of “super-kid mohair” from its origins, homeland. Mohair is a silky fiber from the hair of “Angora Goat” deriving its name from the ancient Turkish province of “Angora” where it originally comes from. It has been known as the “diamond fibre” for its lustre, warmth, strength and durability. It used to be the private reserve of Sultan’s.. By blending these incredible characteristics of mohair with contemporary Turkish Design, Mohair&Angora Collection is a perfect gift from Turkey reflecting the heritage of centuries...

Cybele super kid mohair

99,99 € Normaali hinta
49,99 €Alehinta
ALV Sisällytetty
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