Tuoksua ja tunnelmaa loihdit kotiisi eteeristen öljyjen avulla! Hengitettyinä eteeriset öljyt (käytetystä öljystä riippuen) joko virkistävät tai rentouttavat - tai auttavat mieltä skarppaamaan. Eteerisiä öljyjä voi myös mitä mainioimmin käyttää puhdistamaan ilmaa.



All functions are controlled by 2 buttons makes this diffuser extremely easy to use. The running duration can be set with varies timers, and the fun LED light can also be changed to your favorite color. 
Mist Button: Press the "MIST" button to choose the time from 1 hour/3 hours/6 hours/steady on. Hold the button for 2 seconds will turn off the mist. 
Light Button: Press the "LIGHT" button to turn on the LED light, and the color will cycle automatically. Press the button again to manually set preferable display color and brightness. Hold the button to switch off the light. 

Health Benefit 
The aromatherapy oil diffuser works as a small size humidifier without essential oil to moisturize and purify the air in the living space. With few drops of nature essential oil add into the water tank, the fragrance will spread quickly in the room, and create a relax environment. The cool mist can also mask the odors with no chemicals depends on the essential oil. 

Package Included 
1 x Aroma Diffuser 
1 x Adapter 
1 x Water Measuring cup 
1 x User Manual

Diffuusori eteerisille öljyille 300ml

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