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VIntage Kelim laukku


matto:  30-90 vuotta vanha (käsinsolmittu)

100% nahka

Valmistettu Turkissa


As you know Kilim is Turkish traditional lag. Using ONE kilim on the entire part, also choose the color of the leather in accordance with the color.

Pick up the most beautiful part of the design from ONE kilim or Jijim. Then cut and recreate as bag,
All the kilims and Jijims are High value and good quality as a lag
Boldly cut, we have created as a back.

Inside is covered by velvet to see high quality and comfortable.

Material: kilim (wool), leather, metal

Weight: about 180g

Vintage laukku

69,99 € Normaali hinta
29,99 €Alehinta
ALV Sisällytetty
  • Valmistettu:   

    käsintehy  aidot kelim matosta .Matot Ikä on  30-60 val. vuotta.

    Kelim on 100% Villa ja käsinsolmittu . Vintage  tuotteet. 

    100% nahka on toinen puolella ja sisällä on 100% Puuvillaa

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