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99,00 € Normaali hinta
49,00 €Alehinta
ALV Sisällytetty
  •  70% organic vuohenvilla

    30% organic puuvilla

    80x130 cm



    Handmade rugs are one of the rarest products of the 19th century on Earth. As nomadic Turkish women, we produced a lot of handmade rugs. Persian rugs and Turkish rugs are a big part of our daily life. Vintage rugs have great importance in our culture. In the past, when every young girl got married, a Turkish or Persian rug was woven and carefully prepared by her family as a gift in her dowry. Turkish rugs are durable and keep your home warm. The vintage rugs, Turkish rugs and Persian rugs that I have made suitable for today's use have been trimmed and are ready to warm your family and loved ones for many years. Each rug also has a story. The eyes of our elders, who weave some Turkish rugs, can no longer be seen. The ears of our old aunts, who were weaving Persian rugs, were deaf. We grew up on handmade precious rugs. Hand-knotted rugs were our livelihood throughout Anatolia. I am proud and very happy to present vintage rugs, which have an important place in Turkish and Persian culture, to my esteemed customers. You can easily use these rugs in every area of ​​your home. As long as you have rare rugs, you will no longer want to look at machine-made carpets or rugs. We can find rugs that are suitable for your home decor. I can help you choose the most suitable runner rugs and rugs for your hallway. I can choose for you the handmade Turkish rug that will suit your bathroom. I have been weaving Turkish rugs for years and I enjoy helping people. You can check out my shop for Turkish rugs, Vintage rugs, Persian rugs, Oushak rugs, Antique rugs, Bedroom rugs, living room rugs and more. I am sure you will fall in love with Turkish rugs.

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