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45% super kid mohair  55%polyamidi


Mohair is a silky fibre made from the hair of “Angora Goat”which derives its name from the ancient Turkish province of “Angora” (today’s Ankara) where it originally comes from.. 

Until 19th century, the Turkish province of Ankara was the sole producer of Angora goats.. As one of the greatest and the oldest natural fibers in use today, it has been a world wide accepted luxurious fiber for more than 10 centuries due to its magical characteristics…

Mohair has been known for centuries, as the “diamond of all fibers” for its lustre, strength and durability; while it had also been regarded as “Sultans of Fibers” since it used to be the prized reserve of Sultans.. 

“ Mohair&Angora Collection” aims sharing this valuable heritage of "mohair" with the rest of the World…This faboluous collection combines the incredible characteristics of the diamond fiber “mohair” with more than 40 years knowledge and craftmanship of our company. Hope you enjoy this luxurious gift as much as we love making it.... 

Super kid Mohair huivi

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99,00 € Normaali hinta
44,00 €Alehinta
ALV Sisällytetty
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